Motorola Solutions launches a system designed to prevent infections in stores, shops and other surfaces.

We may be in full de-escalation, but that doesn’t mean for a second that the Covid-19 health crisis is over – it won’t until there is an effective vaccine. Therefore, now that in some countries they are starting to open businesses and restart services, the technology to monitor and prevent Coronavirus outbreaks from happening again is essential. We have seen how China has used and continues to use thermal vision cameras to monitor its citizens. And Motorola Solutions has also come up with its own ideas.

Motorola cameras
Motorola Solutions, a company that produces and sells communication products and services for Public Safety directly to the government agencies of the countries, has presented a system of cameras and software designed so that organizations and businesses can return to their activity safely against the threat of the Covid-19. These measures include elements such as video surveillance cameras that warn when a person has skipped the security measures established by the authorities.

These Avigilon security cameras are equipped with analytics systems to help organizations keep employees safe, by complying with health guidelines around protective masks and physical social distancing. After collecting visual images that are then subjected to an analysis by Artificial Intelligence, the process creates statistical patterns on where social distancing protocols have been violated and where individuals are not wearing a face mask.

Through Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, organizations can be notified if guidelines are not followed and they can quickly make informed decisions to deal with the situation. The analysis increases employee safety by equipping organizations with the knowledge to apply measures that facilitate better compliance with health guidelines.

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Body cameras
An added idea from Motorola to this proposal are small portable cameras, or body cameras – such as those worn by police officers in their uniforms. They are cameras for “essential workers who face the risk of aggression and contamination”, so that they can rest easy knowing that they have a direct link with security personnel at all times.

Using these devices allows employees to verbally notify others that their actions are being captured by the camera, which can often de-escalate a heated situation.

Tracking of sick personnel by Covid-19
But what if there is already a sick person in the shop, office or office? To mitigate the potential degree of infection, the traceability that Motorola Solutions’ software and cameras have can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in a company office or facility.

The combination of physical access security and video images can help, for example, know where an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been and to what doors that person may have entered within the workplace, generating Timelines and video clips of the individual’s journey through the facilities, also showing who they may have been in contact with.


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