Prepared to introduce the first flagship of 2021, Motorola will launch a new launch on January 26 and introduce the flagship Edge S with Snapdragon 870. We already have most information about the device. However, now there are some very important details you need to know before launch.



Motorola Edge S in AnTuTu tests

Edge S, the new phone of the US-based company, will get its power from the Snapdragon 870 chipset, as you know. This chipset is better than the previous Snapdragon 865 and slightly worse than the Snapdragon 888. So we can say that the reason Qualcomm introduced such a chipset is a sacrifice made for us to get affordable flagship phones. Now let’s take a look at the AnTuTu results of the Motorola Edge S, which will be using the Snapdragon 870 for the first time;

The AnTuTu test results you saw above are shared by Len Jin, the general manager of the business department, Chen Jin. Edge S, which achieved a result close to 680,000 in total; It is rated with points of 189,694 in the CPU, 290,268 in the GPU, 103,322 in Mem, and 96,576 in the UX. However, don’t be confused by the low results. Because the device is currently in the testing phase and has not yet been fully stabilized. That’s why we say don’t worry about these test results.

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Let’s see what surprises will the Motorola Edge, which will be introduced on January 26, offer us? Let’s wait and see …


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