There was a revolution in the technology industry last week. Xiaomi introduced the true wireless charging technology called 5W Air Charge. Thanks to this technology, the phone could be charged wirelessly in the room with mmWave signals. Wireless charging technology with 144 antennas is apparently also being tested by Motorola.



An unofficial video seen on Weibo, known as China’s Twitter, revealed that Motorola is working on something similar. In the video showing the system running on Motorola’s Edge + model; 100 cm away, Motorola’s charger appears to be charging the phone. The details of this system, which works in the same logic as Xiaomi Mi Air Charge, are not yet known.

Motorola’s return to the phone market seems to be quite fast and effective. Motorola’s new technologies, which play in the middle segment and wink at the upper segment, are expected with curiosity. The company, which cannot hold stitches due to its high price policy, can find itself in an important position in the smartphone industry if it resolves the price event.

Coming back to wireless charging technology, it should be noted that these technologies are still in development. This technology is unlikely to be available to the end user until early 2022. Even if it is presented to the end user, how safe it will be in terms of health will be discussed for a long time. As a result, the phone you use is charged with the electric current you know and the electric current circulates in the room. When you think about it, it seems completely cancer risky.

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Probably, companies also thought about health while doing the R&D of this. That’s why we think there is no need to come up with conspiracy theories and fear.


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