There are some languages on earth that are threatened with extinction. You will see that Motorola made a gesture for the locals.


Motorola is a company that has managed to make a name for itself in the smartphone market. With their motto of “smart technology for everyone”, they are trying to bring technology to people from all societies. They offer us an example of this with a very good development. Motorola has decided to add 2 local languages ​​that are in danger of extinction as a language option to its smart devices. Two new languages ​​called Kaingang and Nheengatu will be added to all Motorola devices running Android 11.


Why Did Motorola Add These Local Languages ​​to Their Devices?

Of course, the main goal is to reach people from every society, but it is difficult to reach this goal when these two languages ​​are already in danger of being forgotten and not being spoken forever. The region where Motorola has the largest market is Latin America. They even overtake Apple as the second largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung in Brazil. Since these languages ​​are the two languages ​​used by some people in the Latin America region, we can say that Motorola offers a sign of gratitude to the people of the region.

As Motorola is partnering with Google, these languages ​​will be available on the Android Open Source Project and Gboard keyboard. To give one more detail about the languages ​​to be added, the Kaingang language is labeled “Absolutely In Danger” and can no longer be taught to newborns. The Nheengatu language, on the other hand, is the second most serious language of UNESCO on the verge of extinction, with the label “Under Serious Endangerment”.

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