This Tuesday (12), Motorola began to make available in Brazil the update of Android 10 for Motorola Razr. The new version of the system, which will be distributed in phases, brings improvements to the secondary Quick View screen.

In addition to the 6.2-inch main P-OLED screen (2142 x 876, 21: 9), it features the 2.7-inch secondary G-OLED (800 x 600, 4: 3).

This second screen serves to quickly view some items and Android 10 becomes more functional. Now, when the user drags to the left, it will be possible to view favorite contacts in Quick View.

Android 10 also brought Razr the ‘Intelligent Reply’ function, in addition to the Quick View keyboard, to read and respond to messages from applications without opening the phone.

The new Android brought compatibility with apps like Google Maps, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora and others. Thus, it will be possible to browse and manage options through the Quick View screen.

New camera modes

Quick View also serves to take selfies with the cell phone closed, using it to view the image. Now, in this way, the other camera modes – crop (portrait), highlighted color and others – also become available with the cell phone closed.

When closed and unlocked, just slide your finger to the right, or use Quick Capture (by turning the handle) to open the camera.

Owners of Razr, a smartphone that “reborn” the look of the 2004 Razr V3, should receive the update gradually starting today. Android 10 was released in September 2019 and Android 11 is already in the testing phase.


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