Google took users of the Google Play Movies platform by surprise in the UK and started releasing an update that leaves movies at 4K resolution at no additional cost. Consumers contemplated with the novelty are receiving a notification at the company’s store.

According to Android Police, the update that releases 4K for movies purchased from the Play Store is still quite limited. A site contributor who owns a library of 460 films only received Ultra HD resolution in two titles purchased on the platform.

Films that are modified free of charge can be found with the marker “Upgraded to 4K”. According to the website, possibly the update that releases the Ultra HD resolution free of charge is released by the studios, and not all producers should adopt the function.

Now available in the United States and Canada
The 4K update for Play Movies movies arrives in the UK after a year and a half of availability in the United States and also in Canada. In 2018, in addition to announcing the upgrade at no cost, Google also reduced the price of feature films in Ultra HD at its digital rental store.

To date, the company has yet to report on the arrival of the resource in more countries. Therefore, the free update for films purchased in Brazil has not yet been made official by the company. Considering the arrival of the resource in the United Kingdom, the trend is that eventually the novelty will show up here, but this can take a long time.


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