MSI quietly announced the AMD processor version of its 14-inch model, which was previously released with the Intel processor. The computer, which will be released as MSI Modern 14 B4MW, has undergone several changes, of course.

AMD’s processors, which have been more affordable than Intel in recent weeks, have also started to take place in new laptops. So much so that the hardware part of some laptops welcomed us with AMD processors and graphics cards. Of course, this was a big blow to Intel‘s verdict on laptops.

However, it seems that AMD will be taking up more and more laptops in the future. Finally, today MSI introduced its laptop using the new AMD processor. Moreover, the model introduced by MSI today was previously released with Intel’s 10th generation processor.

MSI’s new AMD processor laptop:

MSI introduced its 14-inch computer, quietly released last summer, with an AMD processor. The company introduced AMD’s Ryzen 7 4000U processor instead of Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake U series processor on the computer it introduced with the name “MSI Modern 14 B4MW”.

Of course, the only thing that changed in the new model was not the processor. The model’s Intel processor version supported up to 32 GB DDR RAM. However, this model with Ryzen 7 4000U processor can support up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM. However, there is also a difference in the graphics card section.

While the previous model was launched with Intel UHD, NVIDIA GeForce MX330 or GeForce MX350 graphics cards, the new model will be released with AMD’s Radeon Vega graphics cards. In the new model, there will be no changes other than graphics card, RAM support and processor.

The MSI Modern 14 B4MW has a 14-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution display. The computer comes with an HDMI input and 720p camera that supports 30Hz refresh rate in 4K resolution. There is no official explanation for the AMD processor price of this 1.3-kilogram computer.


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