The release date of the 11th generation Core processor family, when Intel will continue to use the LGA1200 socket, has been revealed by MSI’s official. Backward compatibility has also been verified.

The blue team is preparing to use 14 nm once more. The date that Firmanıb PCIe 4.0 compatible chips will take their place on the shelves has been shared.

Rocket Lake release date
Answering questions at a South Korean technology forum, MSI official shared a detail that users are eagerly awaiting. As we have followed from leaks so far, Rocket Lake processors will be with us next March.

On the other hand, motherboards with H410, B460 and Z490 chipsets will work with 11th generation models. Update distribution, starting with the Z490, will gradually move towards entry-level motherboards. Finally, he gave the good news that the current models will receive the necessary patches before Rocket Lake.


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