MSI, which made a rapid entry into the gaming monitor class and released remarkable models one after another, has managed to sell 3 million gaming monitors in the past 4.5 years.

For a while, monitors that offered the same features to the standard and gamer masses experienced a sharp distinction afterwards. As the player and professional monitors began to differentiate, their sales also gained significant momentum. Early in the gaming monitors class, MSI is also reaping the benefits.

3 million player monitors
MSI launched the first gaming monitor in November 2016. In this process, it developed many important products such as the first artificial intelligence supported, the first AMD FreeSync support, the first player-oriented control panel, the first 360Hz support, and received awards.

The MSI brand, which is also accepted by the gaming world, sold 1 million player monitors in the first 3 years. The company, which experienced a dynamism especially with the effect of the pandemic, managed to sell 2 million more monitors in about 1.5 years. Thus, it reached 3 million in total.

MSI player monitors, which are acclaimed for their unique technologies and logos, are also assertive in the upcoming period. In honor of the sales success, the company will also launch a limited edition Optix MAG274QRF-QD gaming monitor in all red colors.


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