MSI strengthened its competitiveness in business laptops by offering products aimed at improving users’ productivity in the business arena.

Now, MSI has announced the foldable Summit E13 Flip Evo and Summit E16 Flip CES laptops. In addition, two special tools, MSI Pen and USB-C Docking Station Gen 2, which are also CES innovation award winners, will meet with the user.
Summit E13 Flip Evo, awarded “Best of CES 2021”, has a design that represents the golden ratio. The light and versatile Summit E13 Flip Evo 2-in-1 laptop, with a 13-inch screen, produced with precise calculations, was designed with an incredible aesthetic. All features, from the logo layout to the 16:10 screen ratio, which increases the work efficiency by expanding the viewing area, were calculated with the Golden Ratio.

The laptop case was also produced with CNC machines. Its ergonomic 360-degree hinges are ideal for different usage scenarios. Approved by the Intel® Evo ™ platform, Summit E13 Flip Evo has high performance features. With the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core ™ i7 processor and Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, it promises a heavy-weight performance, up to 10% performance increase compared to other laptops with 20 hours of battery life. In addition, the Summit E13 Flip Evo features the latest WiFi 6E wireless technology that keeps your network stable and streamlined at all times, in addition to a stunning transfer speed.

MSI knows how important time is in business. That’s why the Summit E13 Flip Evo has a few additional features that increase your productivity. With Thunderbolt ™ 4, you can quickly charge your devices and transfer data at speeds up to 40 Gb / s. PCIe Gen4 SSD will speed up your daily workflow with even more reliable signal transmission.

More importantly, it includes enterprise-class security measures such as hardware-based TPM2.0 to keep your sensitive business secrets safe. For increasingly popular video calls, the Summit E13 Flip Evo’non webcam has 3-in-1 protection that has never been seen before: the warning light to show the camera is on, the On / Off button and a lock on the side of the laptop. For video conferences, MSI AI Noise Cancellation and Noise Reduction CAM features allow you to experience your professional working environment with uninterrupted comfort for online calls by preventing unwanted noise that may occur in both image and sound.

Summit E16 Flip
The Summit series also has a larger version: Summit E16 Flip. This product is the thinnest computer ever in the 16 ”screen foldable laptop market. It has an inky black color and diamond cut lines. In addition to all the features of the Summit E13 Flip Evo, Summit E16 Flip has a performance that can easily handle heavy workloads with the latest NVIDIA graphics. Thanks to MSI’s new thermal design “Dynamic Cooler Boost”, the system produces 35dB of noise when the CPU is operating under full load. The average noise level of its competitors in the same conditions is stated as 45 ~ 60dB.

The MSI Pen, the first Stylus pen to win the 2021 CES award, has the balance like a fountain pen with its minimalist craftsmanship and all-metal design. Its internal structure has 4096 level pressure sensitivity and MPP2.0 technology for a much more stable connection. This pen, which you can always carry with you with its stylus and presentation control functions, offers the opportunity to manage functions such as customizing the pen button, displaying the battery level on the screen via the MSI Pen Control application.

MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen2
The new MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen2 optimizes a crowded workspace, keeping all your devices in one center. This dock station where you can connect 3 displays at the same time, this dock station that allows you to work more efficiently with an extra 5 USB ports, 100W power output and 4K video and data transfer will support your professional workflows and provide you with more space and more as you rise in your career. It will save a lot of time.

Summit E13 Flip Evo and Summit E16 Flip laptops are an economical solution for users looking for both tablet and laptop features together. In addition, these laptops help you meet both your daily needs and business-oriented needs by configuring comprehensive functions, and make your life easier.


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