The life of Muhammad Ali is being turned into a mini-series by Amazon. The drama will adapt Ali’s social activist personality and aspects we have never seen before to the screens.

The story of Muhammad Ali, one of the legendary athletes of history, will once again be adapted to the screens. Official announcements were made today for the new series prepared in collaboration with Amazon and Michael B. Jordan, and some important details from the series were announced.

The name of the series will be ‘The Greatest’
Amazon’s Muhammad Ali series is developed by the Outlier Society studio, owned by the famous actor Michael B. Jordan. Michael B. Jordan played an important role in the production of the series, but Jordan will not portray Muhammad Ali himself. Instead, a different actor is being sought for the role of Muhammad Ali.

Speaking to Deadline, Michael B. Jordan said, “It is truly an honor for me to tell the story of Muhammad Ali. The show is now called The Greatest, and on the music side we’ve partnered with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation studio. It’s a mini-series. We are preparing and we will tell the life of Muhammad Ali in a deep way without any restrictions. I do not want to give too many specific details except that, but I can say that we will have the chance to get to know Muhammad Ali with aspects we have never seen before. I am very excited about the project as someone who has been living in this world for years. ” used the expressions.

Jordan also said, “We are preparing a character-focused and intense series. People know Muhammad Ali through his boxing days, which will be an opportunity to go beyond the ring and get to know Ali himself. We will get to know him in a 360 degrees and all aspects. And no. I’m not going to play Ali, I can clearly say that. However, we are in the early stages of the project and it is not possible to give much detail. We continue to put the pieces together, but I can say it is something that is very exciting. ” He spoke in the form.

The story of Muhammad Ali was adapted to the big screen with the movie Ali, which was previously released in 2001. Ali was portrayed by the famous actor Will Smith in the movie. Finally, we watched Eli Goree as Muhammad Ali in the movie One Night in Miami, released last month.

The release date for the Amazon-made Muhammed Ali mini-series is currently unknown. As the project is in its early stages, shooting will probably take some time to begin. The selection of the actor who will play Muhammad Ali will also force the producer team. Let’s see how the life of the legendary athlete will reflect on the screens.


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