You can play Star Citizen, the long-developed and multiplayer space simulation game, for free from now until February 25th.

Cloud Imperium Games, which was announced in 2012 and is still under development, was free to play the game named Star Citizen for a while.

The free version of the game, available for a limited time, provides access to the Alpha 3.12 version and all ships in this version. Arena Commander and Star Marine modes will also be available during this free event called Free Fly.

Star Citizen is a multiplayer simulation game set in space. The game especially aims for visuals that are very realistic. The game, which has been developed for a long time, has not reached the full version and does not seem to be available anytime soon. According to the promise, when the game comes out, it will be one of the biggest games in the game world. So if you’re curious, don’t miss this free event week. Click here to reach the page where you can download the free version.

Star Citizen also has a story mode, but it is still in development and a version has not been released yet, albeit in early access. For this story mode called Squadron 42, designer Chris Robert said, “We don’t want to make a flawed game like Cyberpunk 2077, so we’ll wait until the last moment.” he said.


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