Music critic Kim Youngdae considers Jimin’s voice the most important element of BTS and compares him to Michael Jackson. In his last column, South Korean music critic and member of the Selection Committee of the Korean Music Awards, Kim Youngdae, analyzed the seven members of BTS.

According to Kim Youngdae,

“When BTS is considered as a sound, Jimin’s voice is one of the most important auditory elements that make up the fingerprint and sound impression.”

-Kim Youngdae
Jimin can hit difficult high notes and a voice that high will give you enough excitement to cut through any thick wall.

Youngdae added that Jimin’s special charm disarms listeners’ minds and draws them towards his softer parts and that his vocal talent maximizes the flavor of the song with an unusual vibe.

Youngdae has pointed out that Jimin’s solo song “Serendipity” has shown the essence of Jimin’s lyricism in both the lyrics, the music and the performance.

As a curious fact, it is not the first time that Kim Youngdae has given praise to Jimin’s song Seredipity. A few months ago, when reviewing Jimin’s performance during the Rose Bowl Concert in May 2019, Kim Youngdae said that “Jimin’s Serendipity has a rhythm that is never easy, but adding small details in the movements has created a scenario that calls the Attention. The recorded version is also good, but the intensity and elegance of the stage are top-notch. ”

Going back to his last column, Kim Youngdae went further by comparing the King of Kpop Jimin to the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson.

According to Youngdae, Jimin reminds him of Michael Jackson for the way they combine his unique charms and extraordinary talents in singing and dancing.

Borrowing Youndae’s beautiful words, “Jimin as a dancer has exquisite proportions of flexibility and steal, and in his gestures, there is a charm that cannot be filtered even in graceful movements. Jimin seems like a person with the heart of a vulnerable child and the self-confidence of an adult deep down, and his songs and dances reveal something of an inner wick that never breaks even though he seems infinitely weak. ” .

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