Electric car maker Tesla is back in business in California. The company’s factory reopened on Monday (11), in a movement contrary to that of other commercial activities in times of social isolation, trade restrictions and pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The contrary decision for the reopening that officially takes place came from Alameda County, which includes the city of Fremont, where the automaker’s factory is located. It had been closed since mid-March, when the country initiated some security procedures to prevent further contamination. There, only services considered essential remain in operation.

However, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, stood out in recent months for ignoring the disease and issuing very controversial positions on the case. He first said that the coronavirus panic was “stupid”, compared deaths from the disease to numbers of car accidents and suggested using chloroquine as a medicine before conducting clinical tests. Finally, in recent weeks, he protested on Twitter for the right to freedom and called for an end to the quarantine.

Security measures
According to a released document, the return of activities at Tesla follows a series of security measures to avoid contact between employees and maintain temperature measurement protocols for each employee.


Musk himself says he went “to the front line” during the reopening, and even offered to be the only prisoner in the event of a police order. According to CNN, the businessman believes that the measures are aggressive and unconstitutional.

He even sent a message to employees, thanking him for his hard work in making Tesla a successful company. “An honest day of work spent building products or guaranteeing useful services for others is extremely honorable. I have much more respect for someone who is proud to do a good job, whatever the profession, than some rich or famous person who does nothing useful. “, says the document.

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Top support
Although the decision at the state level is the final word in this case, Musk also received support from the country’s head of state. President Donald Trump, on his Twitter profile, expressed support for Tesla’s reopening and said the procedure could be “quick and safe”. In a reply, the businessman thanked the message.

As of May 12, according to information from the World Health Organization, the United States recorded more than 83,000 deaths from covid-19.


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