Weki Meki finally re-enlivened the South Korean music industry by releasing a music video titled ‘OOPSY’.

The ‘OOPSY’ music video was released with the third mini album ‘HIDE and SEEK’ on Thursday (6/18) at 6:00 PM KST.

Through this music video fans will be spoiled with upbeat pop dance music that sounds so catchy to the ears.

While in the music video we will be presented with a femme fatale-style performance from Weki Meki members, with an image far more mature than the previous comeback.

‘HIDE and SEEK’ itself is a mini album containing a total of 5 songs, including the main song ‘OOPSY’, then the songs ‘Moya Moya’, ‘The Paradise’, ‘Youniverse’ and ‘DAZZLE DAZZLE’.

You can immediately watch the new appearance of Weki Meki’s members through the following music video ‘OOPSY’!


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