My Hero Academia News: This Monday a new trailer for My Hero Academia: World Heroes ’Mission was shared, a film that will be released in August


The premiere of the new My Hero Academia movie, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, is getting closer and closer. In light of that, TOHO, which is the company in charge of the distribution of this film, shared a new trailer.

This includes a series of new sequences, where his approach is shown. This time, heroes like Izuku Midoriya and company must leave Japanese lands, and fight evil in a new country.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission has a new story

The latter is embodied by the Humarize no Villain organization, which is led by Flect Turn. This villain leads his people as if they were some kind of cult, and he is convinced that people with Quirks are a threat.

This is why he is willing to annihilate a large part of the world’s population. The fact is that he is not alone, but has the help of a new series of villains endowed with great abilities and powers.

Among them are enemies like Belos, Sir Pentas, Shidero and Leviathan, who can be seen in the new preview for My Hero Academia: World HeroesMission. Most of the action takes place in Oseon, a European-style nation.

It will be in this place that Deku will meet a new character, known as Rody Soul and that is also seen in the video. He is a boy who is about the same age, and who is accompanied by Pico.

The battle will take place outside the borders of Japan

The latter is a kind of bird. What abilities does Rody have? It is unknown if he has any Quirks, but it is clear that he is quite fast and agile. From what he looks like in the trailer, he steals a briefcase from Midoriya, and the two struggle.

It is when the police enter the scene and shoot to kill. It seems that the protagonist of the series is accused of a crime that he did not commit. While that is resolved, in another sequence he is seen fighting the Flect Turn himself.

As expected, it is not known what tricks this villain has “up his sleeve”. In fact, he has a very strange appearance, and he seems to use some kind of reflectors. From the looks of it, he’s powerful enough to take a punch from Deku.

When will My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission release? According to plan, on August 6 in the country of the Rising Sun. It is quite likely that its launch in the West will be early next year.


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