A new feature has been discovered on Google Pixel phones running Android 10. This feature, which is activated in notifications from some messaging applications, allows direct reminders to be created. It is currently unknown whether the feature will reach wider user audiences.

It turns out that a new feature has been added to the Android operating system. This feature, which can be life-saving for many users, allows direct reminders to be created through some applications. Even more interesting is that this feature is not available on all smartphones running Android 10. Users’ notifications reveal that the feature is only available on Google Pixel phones at least for now.

Using the new feature of Android 10, reminders can be created on some messages from applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp, but this feature cannot be experienced in every messaging application. For example, you cannot use this feature for messages from Google Messages, Gmail or Twitter. Whether the scope of the feature will expand is a big secret for now.

This feature, which provides reminder creation, looks like this

The new feature of the Android operating system has a very different operating principle. So much so that this feature comes into play if there is something to be done in an incoming message. How Google does this is currently unknown. However, for example, if a user sends you a message via Telegram or WhatsApp and wants you to receive something in this message, you can see this feature in the notification panel. The “Create Reminder” button in the notification panel allows you to experience the feature.

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A user is redirected to Google Keep or Google Tasks after clicking the “Create Reminder” button. The user who creates a reminder via Google Keep saves the reminder after creating a certain time. This reminder is also integrated with Google Calendar and Google Assistant. However, the Google Tasks app offers a different experience and its integration with other apps is not that functional.

This feature, which has only been seen on Android 10 at the moment, does not work in a very functional way. For example, as we mentioned earlier, when a message such as “X” is received, the feature is activated. However, when you receive a message about any appointment, this feature doesn’t work. For example, if you receive a message saying “Dinner at 19:00”, you cannot use the feature.

The feature is currently unknown in the testing phase or stable version. It is also unknown whether this feature will come to other smartphones. Even more interesting is that Google hasn’t made any explanation for this feature. So this feature may disappear silently after a short time. The future of the feature seems to be obvious in the future.

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