For some years, astronomers have been studying and speculating about a mysterious Planet Nine. This celestial body has characteristics and gravitational disturbances that lead scholars to speculate more about its real identity. Of these speculations, perhaps the one that stands out most is the theory that the planet is, in fact, a tiny but extremely heavy black hole that would be trapped by the gravitational force of the sun.

Physicist at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies in New Jersey, Ed Witten devised a plan to study the uniqueness of Planet Nine, or the alleged black hole.

The difficulty in confirming whether “planet nine” is a black hole is in its size: if there is, in fact, a black hole orbiting the solar system, it would be practically impossible to find it, because a black hole with the mass of the “planet nine ”would be approximately five centimeters, according to the study. With this “full size”, it would be very difficult to see it in the vastness of the universe.

Ed Witten’s plan suggests sending a gigantic fleet of spacecraft close to the star. If at least one unit of these ships deviates from its path, attracted by some unexpected gravitational pull, this could indicate a sign of a black hole’s gravitational pull.

The difficulty for the study to move forward lies in the novelty: the aforementioned tiny spaceships have not yet been manufactured, although researchers have already considered the possibility of developing such vehicles.


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