Xiaomi has filed two different patent applications. The Chinese company may soon announce its new phones with futuristic design.


Earlier this year, Xiaomi filed for a smartphone patent showing two different four-curved waterfall display designs. The only difference between the two patents is the curvature of the rounded corners. The screen in the first patent wraps around the rounded corners, just like the MIX Alpha. These patents do not have any physical buttons on all four sides of the frame, and also do not have holes or bezels on all four sides.

LetsGoDigital has released a series of renders of the smartphone, based on the patent drawings. We can see from the images that the Model A uses a flexible screen to cover the front and four sides of the phone. However, this screen does not wrap around the edges of the smartphone. In addition, the frame of the phone is divided into 4 segments and the edge of the screen does not completely cover the side frame. The camera module on the back of the phone adopts a two-stage ladder design, and the main camera is relatively thick with a microphone opening at the bottom.

It is not yet known when this futuristic design will be implemented. You may have seen in the patents that there is no notch for the front camera. After ZTE, Xiaomi is also expected to integrate a camera under the screen. It is said that this technology will be used in the next 2 years.

The design of the rear cameras will likely change. It is clear that Xiaomi wants to revive the Mi Mix series with these new patents. According to our estimates, these interesting patents obtained towards the end of 2022 will start to be used.

It is obvious that there will be big changes in design in the smartphone industry. However, we have to wait a bit for this change. It is difficult to predict when this change, which will start with Chinese manufacturers first, will come to Apple and Samsung.


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