Nam Do Hyon ex X1 recently gave a statement that surprised his fans.

On Friday (6/26) yesterday Korean netizens on theqoo website discussed Nam Do Hyon’s answer in an interview.

The question is, “Have you ever cried silently?” which was answered by Nam Do Hyon, “I never cry, even if I’m exhausted. But when X1 broke up, it was really difficult. So that’s when I cried for the first time. ”

As we know, boy group X1 was officially disbanded in January 2020 after the producer of the program ‘Produce X101’ was proven to have manipulated voting.

Many netizens expressed their sympathy for him, considering that Nam Do Hyon was the youngest member of X1 who was only 15 years old.

After X1 was disbanded, Nam Do Hyon recently debuted as a member of the H&D duo with Lee Han Gyul.


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