Naruto ended a few years ago, but instead of retiring like a champion they soon confirmed a sequel that came with Boruto.

This work was well received by fans of the saga, although it was not spared from criticism because it made the original protagonists look much weaker.

The Naruto universe is so big that fans came up with a ton of theories and possible spin-offs, but recently the request for a prequel began to gain traction.

Throughout all of history we were shown that Naruto’s past, even before he was born, was full of epic warriors and legendary battles, so many wished to see part of him in an anime.

Of all the ninjas in Konoha, the focus was on Minato Namikaze, whose adventures could well turn into a hit play, or at least that’s what fans believe.

This request has been on the internet for a while, but it regained strength due to the tiktoker fuxion98, who even imagined what the plot of Naruto’s father should be like.

“Imagine a series called Minato, showing us all of Minato’s life and that the last episodes of the series are his battle with the nine-tailed fox.”

His video was posted on various social networks including Reddit, where he started a conversation among fans about how much they want this series.

Unfortunately for Naruto fans, there are no plans for a prequel adaptation, and if you think about it, the most relevant events were already shown during Shippuden.

Those responsible for the play have the last word, so it’s time to put pressure on Kishimoto to see if they can convince him to fulfill this strange fantasy that for now seems unlikely.


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