Naruto Shippuden News: It seems that a fan of Naruto Shippuden did not dislike one of Pain’s worst designs, and decided to tattoo it on his body


Like any great series, Naruto has many great moments. Especially those that are full of action, with very dynamic battle sequences.

Only then did Studio Pierrot reflect in the best possible way what the mangaka Masashi Kishimoto captured in the pages of the manga.

Despite the above, there were times when the character design made by the company left much to be desired. And more than one fan noticed.

Pain and his lousy design in Naruto Shippuden

The screenshots of certain sequences where the drawings of the heroes and villains of the series are legendary are incomplete, poorly drawn or very strange.

There is no shortage of saying that they are frames placed among others, and that more than anything they help to have a more fluid animation.

There is some reason in this regard, and this anime is not the first to use the above. In other cases they are due only to errors that were overlooked.

One of these cases is that of Pain, who in Naruto Shippuden appears with his face completely deformed. It is a scene that has stuck with many people, and some still try to forget.

On that occasion, this powerful villain acquired an extremely grotesque appearance, with his expanded face, elongated and misshapen eyes, as well as a large mouth with huge teeth. It was not a very pleasant thing to see within the series.

Someone decided to immortalize it on their own skin

Due to the above, some wonder who would want to treasure something so horrible. Well, strangely enough, a fan decided to get the strange face of Pain tattooed. That’s what the owner of the Anime Tattooers account shared.

This villain can be seen about to launch an attack against Naruto Uzumaki and the Hidden Leaf Village. It is not in color, but at least it captured very well the face that this fearsome character had at that time.

It’s a strange design for sure, but it seems that some ended up liking it precisely because of that. Naruto is not the only anime that suffers from this. Black Clover, also from Studio Pierrot, has very strange animation frames.

The same applies to Toei Animation with Dragon Ball Super. The latter was highly criticized for some episodes, where characters like Goku were poorly drawn. They are situations that appear frequently.


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