Naruto News: Who would say that things will get so difficult in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, that Naruto‘s son would become the worst enemy


Things move very fast in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. All because Team 7 of this series, made up of Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki, have to rescue Naruto himself.

The Seventh Hokage is in serious trouble. All because, despite having the help of Sasuke, the leader of the Kara Organization seems invincible. Things are about to get worse, but talking about it is a matter of …


The problem is that now Boruto is about to become a threat to everyone. By releasing the power known as Karma within his body, he allowed Momoshiki to control him.

That will mean a change in the story that has been handled until now, since Sarada had deservedly stolen the spotlight. All because he employed the Chidori technique, by means of which he dealt a fatal blow to Boro.

Now she and the others will have to deal with Naruto’s son, whose design has already appeared on the Internet. It is accompanied by a description, which begins with ‘karma patterns spill over his arm and a horn has grown on his head’.

Added to this is “his way of talking about him has also changed, as if someone had taken over his mind.” That is precisely due to Momoshiki, who is inside his body.

Boruto changes to a disturbing form

The text ends with ‘he is more powerful than the original Boruto’. Which is certainly true, as he is now just an instrument for this villain’s powers.

Those who read the manga surely know that what is coming is great, but in that sense we prefer to reserve what will happen.

However, that will have several implications for the future. Although the new intro animation of the anime itself has advanced some events.

Among them a new form of Naruto with which he intends to confront Jigen, a greater threat than expected. What comes in the story is sure to satisfy fans.

Sure, before the filling starts to appear, something that will happen sooner or later. Studio Pierrot must find a way to bridge the gap between manga and anime to avoid running out of enough material to work with. It is inevitable.


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