NASA’s historic Mars mission Perseverance will land on the Red Planet tomorrow. Ingenuity helicopter, which is one of the most interesting points of the mission, arouses great excitement in space fans.

The American space agency NASA is preparing to sign a new historical first in space very soon. The new Mars mission Perseverance, launched by NASA last summer, will arrive on the Red Planet on February 18. Perhaps the most interesting point of the Perseverance mission, where NASA is preparing to make a technology show, will be the “Mars Helicopter”.

Ingenuity: Will be the first man-made object to fly on another planet
The Mars helicopter, which NASA named Ingenuity, will land on the surface of the Red Planet on February 18 with the Perseverance traveler. The Ingenuity is expected to leave the traveler and take flight for the first time next March. NASA is currently scheduled for March 18 for the first flight trial.

Mars’ atmosphere is 100 times thinner than Earth’s. To solve this low atmospheric density problem, NASA had to design the Ingenuity as light as possible and as powerful as possible. Weighing only 1.8 kilograms, the helicopter will move its propellers 10 times faster than the propellers of a normal helicopter on Earth, according to the space agency’s statements.

NASA researchers stated that Ingenuity’s propeller rotation speed was 2400 RPM. In the world, helicopters operate at speeds of 225-500 RPM depending on their size.

A new era opens in the discovery of Mars
NASA sees Ingenuity as a testing tool. Perseverance navigator will not be adversely affected if Ingenuity is not successful. However, if Ingenuity can do what is expected of it on Mars, it will open the doors of a brand new era in space exploration. NASA plans to organize much larger ‘helicopter missions’ using similar technologies in the future, if success is achieved on Ingenuty. For example, it may be possible to explore Mars quickly with dozens of mini helicopters.

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Håvard Grip, leader of the flight-control and aerodynamics team at NASA JPL, said in a speech he gave last year about the project, “We think that helicopters will open new doors for us in space exploration. If we succeed, we will have the opportunity to greatly accelerate the exploration process of the Red Planet. With observation tools. For the first time, we can explore places that cannot be reached from land or biologically sensitive areas with these mini helicopters. ” he used the expressions.

Stating that plans have been made for many years about the Mars helicopter, NASA said, “NASA engineers knew that it was theoretically possible to fly in the thin atmosphere of Mars, but can we design a vehicle that can fly under extreme conditions on Mars, withstand these conditions and communicate at the same time in this small mass. no one was sure about it. ” used the expressions.

Project manager MiMi Aung, who likened Ingenuity to the Wright Brothers, said, “We tested the Ingenuity as much as we could on Earth. Now we are at the final test of the spacecraft. We will see how it will work on Mars. This small vehicle weighing 1.8 kg has to withstand Mars nights reaching -90 degrees. ” Statements remained.

Ingenuity’s first flight is expected to take off about 3 meters from the surface. NASA researchers will conduct Ingenuity’s communication with Earth via the Perseverance rover, so Ingenuity will be able to travel no more than 1 kilometer from the rover.


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