NASA has begun preparations for its next major telescope, yet without launching the James Webb Space Telescope. The name of the telescope, which will be developed in partnership with NASA and ESA and will be much stronger than Hubble, will come from Nancy Grace Roman, nicknamed “Hubble’s mother.”

NASA has announced the name of the telescope, which has larger capabilities than Hubble and will be our new eye to look at the outer star system and galaxies. According to the latest statement, the name of the new telescope will be Nancy Grace Roman, one of NASA’s first female managers and known as “Hubble’s mother” with her work for the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope has been our eyes that have allowed us to look at the universe for a very long time. There are millions of unique experiences that he has offered us, and we would have known much less about the universe now if it had not been for him. Hubble will be with us for another ten years according to estimates, but NASA and ESA are known to have developed another telescope to replace this legendary telescope.

“The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope”, developed as the successor of Hubble, has a more meaningful and special name at the end. The telescope can be called the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, or it can only be called the Roman Space Telescope.

Who is Nancy Grace Roman?
Nancy Grace Roman, who started her NASA career in 1959, worked for the Hubble Space Telescope project. Since Hubble Space Telescope is never thought to come to life if he was not involved in the project, he was nicknamed “Hubble’s mother”. The famous astronomer and scientist, who received honorary doctorates from some universities, died on December 26, 2018.

NASA is still working on the James Webb Space Telescope before starting the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. James Webb, which will continue to be developed for a while, will be launched into space on March 30, 2021, according to plans. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will also be an infrared space telescope with more advanced features than Hubble. Still, James Webb and Hubble are not expected to do exactly the same thing, because JWST will not be sensitive to all the light wavelengths Hubble can observe. The goal of this telescope will be to observe more distant objects in the universe that Hubble cannot observe.

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope seems to be a much more powerful telescope, literally replacing Hubble. The Roman Space Telescope, which will have a field of view 100 times larger than Hubble, will be able to observe a larger area in less time. It is not known when the telescope will be launched, but according to the first estimates, the telescope is expected to be launched in 2025.


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