NASA has signed a pretty big deal with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). With this unique agreement in history, an astronaut from outside the USA will enter the orbit of the Moon for the first time.

While the Covid-19 virus is taking the world by storm, life continues as if nothing happened. Even space studies are continuing at full speed. Finally, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) made a deal to go into space together.

NASA and Canada take to space

According to, the deal will aid the Canadian Space Agency’s NASA upcoming Artemis 2 mission to the Moon. In return, NASA will give CSA a seat. Thus, a Canadian astronaut, Artemis, will be included in the 2-month project. This agreement is also very important for future crewed Space explorations.

Be friendly

CSA agreed to involve a Canadian astronaut in the Artemis 2 mission in exchange for helping with the robots and technologies required for the Artemis 2 mission. The Artemis 2 mission will test NASA’s new Orion spacecraft. Later, in the second phase, it will be used in NASA’s Lunar space station. This will make Canada the second country after the USA to send astronauts to deep space. Canada’s minister of innovation, science and industry made a statement at a press conference on Wednesday that “The first Canadian to go into deep space”

The Apollo Parable

At the same event, CSA astronaut David Saint Jaques compared the Artemis 2 mission to the Apollo 8 mission by NASA in 1968. Apollo 8 performed a similar test before the Moon landing at that time. The main purpose of this mission is to test the spacecraft and test its navigation skills.


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