In a blog post, Google said that with the new version of Chrome OS, which will arrive in March, a screen recording tool will come to Chromebooks.

Google published a blog post saying it will bring a native screen recording tool to Chrome OS devices to further facilitate the whole online teaching process. The native screen recorder will be available to users in an update in March. It was also mentioned in the Google blog post that more than 40 new Chromebooks will be released this year.

More than 40 Chromebooks coming this year
Search giant Google has promised a native screen recording tool will come with the next major Chrome OS update scheduled for release in March. This new feature will be very advantageous for students. Students will be able to easily record their lectures and review them when necessary.

Saying that the devices will have an LTE connectivity option that allows connectivity over the cellular network, Andy Russell, Google Product Manager, says: “We’re launching more than 40 new Chromebooks. Many include convertible Chromebooks that function like laptops and tablets, and students take notes, Comes with stylus, touchscreen and dual camera for video editing, podcasting, drawing, publishing digital books and screen recording. Each new Chromebook is equipped to deliver exceptional Google Meet and Zoom experiences out of the box. Plus, limited access to the internet We also have devices that can better support students in countries with strong mobile broadband networks. ” made statements.

The company has made a list of Chromebooks available with configurations from Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus and Acer and tips for choosing the right one so students and teachers can find the Chromebook that suits them best.


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