According to the latest shares, AMD will reduce the processing unit in the current upper segment cards to the middle segment with the RDNA 3 architecture. New top segment cards may come with MCM design.

While the hardware world continued to talk about the shortage of graphics card stock, news began to come from RDNA 3 architecture cards.

According to a Twitter user post, the AMD RX 6000 will appear in the middle segment of the new generation chips with the number of parallel processing units preferred in the upper segment.

Even though the picture seems too good to be accurate when we take into account the return of RDNA 3, AMD previously promised voluminous performance for RDNA 3 architecture cards.

In this case, a total of 5120 processing units in 80 CUs are mentioned in Navi 33 with RDNA 3 architecture. On the other hand, 80 CUs were mentioned for the Navi 31 GPU before. While the new information seems to contradict what was shared before, it is emphasized that AMD may switch to MCM design in the upper segment.

This suggests that cards that will scale up to 160 CU (10240 processing units) in the upper segment may be on the way. Finally, the second or third quarter of the next year is estimated as the exit window for the RDNA 3 architecture cards that will be released from the 5 nm bands of TSMC, depending on the stock status.

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