The NBA returns, and the players of the 22 teams will use a wearable that will control possible infections.

After the return of soccer, now it is the turn of other sports to return to their official competitions. And one of them will be the NBA, which will resume its competition from July 30 – with a possible league final for October even. But with the current situation of the country and the United States being one of the focuses of the Coronavirus right now, the return could not be as it was thought. And the NBA has taken a step that only a great American league could do.

NBA Campus at Disney World

With the idea of ​​creating a kind of bubble in which to protect the 22 participating teams, their players and even families, the NBA will end the season no less than at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. That’s right: all the teams will go to Disney World to play, and of course they will have all kinds of luxuries on the premises, from Cinema – they will be able to see films like Black Widow before the rest of the world – to excursions, music sessions , pool, golf, etc.

That yes: always inside the facilities, that the players will not be able to leave. In this AS article, you have the entire NBA plan within the complex fully detailed, a 113-page manual highlighting one of the measures above the rest: a smart ring.

The Oura smart ring for the NBA

The flamboyant idea of ​​the NBA at the Disney complex is to be able to resume the NBA while keeping the hundreds of people participating protected. Therefore, the plan includes the use of a smart ring. A wearable for the players of the 22 teams that will serve to track the contagions that may be. Sources such as The Athletic media point out that the use will be voluntary, and whoever does not want to wear it will not have to do so.

Created by the Oura company, the wearable mounts a series of sensors such as infrared LEDs, NTC temperature, accelerometer and gyroscope. And it is able to keep track of:

  • Body temperature
  • The breathing
  • Heart rate

According to Oura, the finger is “the most accurate and convenient place to capture body measurements,” such as heart rate, temperature, steps, or sleep. The 2nd generation ring is made of titanium, is waterproof and its battery lasts up to 7 days on a single charge, and is designed to be carried constantly. The company itself indicates on its website that this device can be used to monitor the symptoms of COVID-19.

The MagicBand

But if the Oura ring will be an optional element, there is another wearable that yes or yes all the players and staff of the team will have to wear: the MagicBand, a multitasking smart bracelet that will serve to access the rooms and monitor activity, alerting with a sound to those who do not respect the safety distance of 2 meters. In addition, all the data you collect will go directly to the NBA league, and if the player does not show the green color on the bracelet, he will have to go to the campus medical services.


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