NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie, who was previously on the agenda with his interest in cryptocurrencies, announced that this time he has launched a Gofundme campaign to token his contract. In this campaign, it is aimed to collect a total of $ 24.6 million, or approximately 2,625.8 Bitcoin, and if the target is reached, Dinwiddie’s contract value will be provided.

NBA Star May Give Up Bitcoin
This means the choice of which team the famous NBA star will go to, the participants of the funding will make it, and Dinwiddie has confirmed this statement on the subject. Dinwiddie, who has previously been holding crypto fundraising campaigns, wants a cash equivalent of 2,625 BTC this time and did not request BTC directly.

The campaign, which started approximately 14 hours ago, has not yet reached the $ 1,000 donation amount. Dinwiddie announced that if the campaign fails, he will donate 100% of the collected money to a charity that he did not name. Judging by the 14-hour performance, it seems almost certain that the famous NBA star will not reach this amount.

Dinwiddie originally stated that he wanted to token his 34 million dollar contract at that time in September 2019, but could not find many participants.


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