NBA, which has suspended the season since March, will transition to a new system in the matches that will start on July 30. NBA will allow fans using Microsoft’s Teams app to be a virtual audience in the match.

The NBA, where basketball is the most intense, has not hosted any encounter for a long time due to the coronavirus. However, this situation will end with the resumption of the matches on July 30. The matches will take place in ‘bubble’ in Orlando, where no viewers will take place.

The fact that there will be no live viewers in NBA matches does not mean that there will be no viewers in the matches. Because NBA announced yesterday that they are cooperating with Microsoft and they will put ‘virtual audience’ on the stands using Microsoft’s Teams application.

Virtual spectators will take part in the matches:

According to the statement made by NBA, Microsoft and NBA will place 5.2 meters long giant screens covering the three sides of the field. These virtual stands will show people using the new ‘Together’ mode in the app using Microsoft’s Teams app.

The new ‘Together’ mode, which comes to Microsoft’s Teams app, is used to simulate a group of people sitting in a room. In this application mode, people will be shown as sitting in virtual stands instead of sitting at a table in a room. Thus, the audience will be virtual viewers.

NBA’s new virtual audience system will allow a maximum of 320 virtual seats to be filled at the same time. So there will be a maximum of 320 virtual viewers in the NBA match. The voices of these viewers will be transferred both to the field and to those who watch the match live from different platforms.

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The NBA suspended the season last March, when a player’s coronavirus test was positive at the Utah Jazz. The long-awaited matches will restart at the Walt Disney World Resort, called ‘bubble’, where players, staff and media are constantly tested.

Within the scope of NBA’s new match system, there will be a change in the placement and use of the cameras. According to the statement, the cameras will be able to replace the audience sitting normally at the edge of the field. However, for the safety of players, the vast majority of cameras close to the field will be remotely controlled.


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