NCT 127 and various other artists managed to get Platinum certificates from the Gaon Chart.

On Thursday (07/05), the Gaon Chart announced that the album ‘Neo Zone’ which was released by NCT ​​127 in March managed to get a Triple Platinum certificate.

This Triple Platinum certificate was given to NCT 127, because the album ‘Neo Zone’ has sold more than 750 thousand copies, as the Gaon Chart gives Platinum certificates for each album that sold 250 thousand copies.

Although NCT 127 had previously received a Platinum certificate for the album ‘Regular-Irregular’ and ‘We Are Superhuman’, this is the first Triple Platinum certificate they have ever gotten from the Gaon Chart.

In addition to NCT 127, Kang Daniel also won a Platinum certificate for his new album entitled ‘CYAN’.

While in the streaming category, the song ‘The Lonely Bloom Stands Alone’ owned by HYNN and ‘My love has faded away’ by Monday Kiz won a Platinum certificate after reaching more than 100 million streams.


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