K-pop idols have become very popular celebs due to the musical phenomenon; however, they have to deal with constant harassment from fans called as sasaengs, who invade their privacy.

NCT has been suffering from stress due to this type of fans, Haechan, a member of subunit 127 decided to speak about it, but was attacked by some girls upset for reporting her behavior.

Through VLive, Haechan made a live broadcast and decided to open up to her fans, saying that recently there is a group of fans staying out of NCT’s dorms, something that has already caused them trouble with their neighbors.

The idol explained that they are happy when they meet with their followers and although there are different ways in which they show their love for them, this type of attitude considers them shameful and makes them feel very uncomfortable, because they cannot meet normally.


However, after revealing it to the sasaengs, the idol was attacked by some fans who decided to post images of Haechan apparently in poor condition with the purpose of damaging his image.

NCTzen from other parts of the world have voiced their support for the idol, though SM Entertainment has not stated anything about taking legal action against the stalkers. The singer admitted that his teammates, especially the Dreams, are under stress from the harassment.


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