The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was actually born in an environment similar to the economic crisis we are in. Satoshi Nakamoto had a bigger crisis expectation than the 2008 economic crisis, and the world is now facing a crisis that has never been seen before.

Even though Bitcoin was born in a recession, the worsening of the current situation may lead to the fact that Satoshi’s goal, which has become more widespread than BTC’s nominal money, and that the mainstream masses become an intermediary in their daily lives, is much faster than expected.

Donald Trump’s Support Can Help Bitcoin
US President Donald Trump said in a statement on Twitter last week that he supports the negative interest rate, but the FED has not yet taken such a step. However, the fact that the FED has pulled the interest rates to zero band increases the hopes that negative interest may be seen soon.

While confidence in fiat currencies is already seriously damaged, the negative interest rate cut will definitely increase the interest in Bitcoin. This can be expected to trigger the price upwards in the long run.


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