After the racism events in America, many companies supported this issue. Many major brands, such as Apple, Twitter, and YouTube, have explained their sensitivity in this regard. Now, according to the statement made on Twitter, a new category is added for Netflix content.

The newly added category appears directly in front of the user when the application is opened.

Adds a new anti-racist category for Netflix content

Many anti-racist protests have been and continue to be held across the US as a result of the murder of George Floyd while in custody. Many companies shared their sensitivity on this issue through social media. Netflix has decided to create a new category on the subject.

With a statement on Twitter, the company decided to move its anti-racist content to a new category. The new collection includes many racist series, movies and documentaries. When the Netflix app is opened, this category automatically pops up for users. Users can view the collection or continue directly to their home screen.

The new Netflix content consists of 51 TV series, movies and documentaries. 36 of them are now traceable in our country.


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