There are many users who do not take advantage of the content even though it is a member of the TV series and movie streaming platform Netflix. Netflix has decided to unsubscribe from inactive users in order to prevent such users.

One of the biggest series and movie platforms, Netflix has millions of subscribers around the world. Users can enjoy all the benefits of Netflix for a certain fee, but some users do not view any content and use the platform even when they pay Netflix. Netflix has launched an application against such users.

Today Netflix has made a decision that will surprise many people. “Do you want to continue your subscription?” To users who have not accessed any content within a year. will ask a question. If there is no answer to the question, the subscription will expire. Netflix will ensure that users who do not use the service with this move will not pay money in vain.

There are a small amount of inactive accounts:
Netflix stated that the number of such accounts, which are described as ‘zombie accounts’ in the industry, does not even exceed 1% of total users. As can be understood from this statement of Netflix, the company does not need such financial zombie accounts financially and wishes all its users to make the best use of the content.

The company made a clear statement on the subject and summarized the events clearly: “You know the feeling of sinking in case you don’t benefit from the service after you register for something. The last thing we want on Netflix is ​​the people who pay for something they don’t use.”

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Those who return within 10 months will be able to continue where they left off:
The company also provides a number of conveniences for users who decide to use Netflix again after their account is closed. Users whose subscriptions are canceled will be able to easily access their favorites, profiles and viewing preferences if they access Netflix as a member again within 10 months. In short, users will have the opportunity to continue their accounts from where they left off.

Eddy Wu, who works on Netflix with more than 182 million users, said, “We hope this new way will ensure that people spend the hard-earned money sparingly,” and showed the importance the company places on savings.


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