Netflix purchased the rights to the sequels of Knives Out, directed and written by Rion Johnson. Knives Out 2 and 3 are coming, starring Daniel Craig.

As you know, Netflix can continue the series by purchasing the broadcasting rights of other projects, except for the original content it has prepared. For example; When the Lucifer series was canceled, he bought the broadcast rights and made his new seasons. Now he bought the broadcasting rights for a movie.

Netflix acquired the rights to broadcast the 2019 detective movie Knives Out, directed by Rion Johnson and starring Daniel Craig. Knives Out tells the story of a detective investigating a homicide. The movie was also nominated for an Oscar for its script. Last year, the director of the movie announced that he was working on the new movie, and now it is clear where the movie will be released.

The first film was produced by Media Rights Capital and Lionsgate. Netflix has now purchased the rights to Knives Out’s second and third films for a record $ 450 million, making it Netflix’s original content. It was also stated that the movie will be starring Daniel Craig.

It was already rumored last year that Daniel Craig would most likely return. The director even thought he could create a new Sherlock for cinema, a new Hercule Poirot. The shooting of the second movie will begin in June. We hope we can see sequels in at least the first movie quality.


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