Many people spend more time at home due to the corona virus outbreak. As a result, interest in Netflix and similar platforms has increased. Netflix has announced that it will reduce the picture quality due to the problem with internet connections in the past months. It was added that this decision was made in order not to overload the internet. After this decision, Netflix made its new decision regarding the image quality as the world gradually entered the normalization process.

Netflix image quality will increase gradually
With the decision made by the popular platform, the image quality will not be reduced anymore, but it will be gradually withdrawn. Even Netflix content in some European countries has slowly begun to return to normal HD quality.

Apart from Netflix, services that are very popular in Europe, such as YouTube and Amazon, were included in the fury of reducing the image quality that started in March due to overload.

The platforms in question had decided to lower the image quality. These platforms, which reduced the image quality due to the Corona virus, started to return to their normal flows, as the outbreak reduced the effect slightly.

With the decision regarding Netflix image quality, users can now watch TV series and movies in HD quality. According to the published report, Netflix users in Denmark, Norway, Germany and other European countries will be able to watch content in 4K HDR and HD video quality up to 15 Mb / s.

Besides, when will Netflix video quality in mind increase? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to the problem yet. However, it is said that this feature will gradually be opened in countries.


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