Apple’s AirPods Pro and the recently released AirPods Max earphones attracted attention with a special feature aimed at providing users with a more immersive movie viewing experience. This technology, called spatial audio, uses headphone sensors to track the user’s head to create a similar effect to a home theater system. This technology will now come to the Netflix application.



Netflix will level up with AirPods in sound

According to the information transferred; Support for this spatial audio feature will soon be added to Netflix’s app. This feature is currently supported by Hulu and Disney + apps. In addition, this feature is supported by Apple TV. However, on Apple TV, this feature only works for movies in the iTunes Store.

Netflix is ​​said to have been trying to add support for this feature since December. However, this feature will not work for all TV shows and movies. It is said that Netflix will create a separate category for this.

In addition to having AirPods Pro or Max to use spatial audio, users will likely have to pay for an Ultra HD subscription to Netflix. Because only Dolby Atmos Surround is included in this package.

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During the Galaxy S21 event, the South Korean giant also launched the Galaxy Buds Pro model with a feature similar to spatial sound called 360 audio. Also included in Dolby Head Tracking Galaxy Buds Pro to simulate a surround sound system.


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