Netflix has started preparations for Extraction 2. It was agreed with Joe Russo, the screenwriter and producer of the first film, to write the script of the sequel.

The action movie Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth, known as the Thor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was aired on Netflix on April 24 and soon reached a wide audience with the effect of the quarantine process. Although disappointing with its stereotypical script, the film, which managed to make a name for itself with its well-executed action scenes, was especially praised for its 12-minute action scene shot and edited to look like a plan sequence.

The statement released by Netflix recently revealed that the film will reach 90 million households at the end of the first month, thus making Netflix the most watched movie to date. This success of the film brought rumors of the sequel. As a matter of fact, it was so and the first step was taken for Extraction 2 shortly after this statement was made.

Extraction 2 is Also Expected to Understand with Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave
According to Deadline’s report, Netflix has agreed with Joe Russo to write the script for Extraction 2. Joe Russo from Russo Brothers, known for his Captain America and Avengers movies, also wrote the script for the first movie, and also directed the project as a producer.

Although Sam Hargrave, who is sitting on the director’s chair of Extraction, has not yet signed an agreement for the second film, Netflix’s agreement with Hargrave is also seen as a definite consideration. Because Hargrave, a former stunt and fight choreographer, played an important role in the success of the film. Likewise, Chris Hemsworth is expected to return as the role of Tyler Rake.

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Whether Extraction 2 will be a sequel or a prequel remains unclear for now. Joe Russo states that they have not yet made a decision on this matter. The remarks made by Joe Russo and Sam Hargrave recently suggest that a prequel film focusing on the character of Chris Remsworth’s Tyler Rake and David Harbor’s Gaspar can be made.


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