Popular video streaming service Netflix has announced the NetflixGeeked event, which will be held on June 7 – 11. New information from The Witcher, Sandman and many more “geek” content will be shared.

Netflix, one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world, has produced a lot of content, especially on topics we call “geek”. With these ingredients, it has increased its popularity even more. In the past hours, he announced the event that new information will be available from such content.

According to the statement made on the NetflixGeeked Twitter page, Netflix will transfer new information about its many content between 7 – 11 June. Most likely, trailers from his upcoming productions will be shown. New productions can also be announced. The productions mentioned on the poster are as follows:

The Witcher

The Sandman

Umbrella Academy

resident Evil

Cowboy Bebop

The Cuphead Show!

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

A trailer and release date are expected especially for the second season of The Witcher. Apart from that, it is obvious that we will see new details from many “geek” contents. You can find the poster of the event below. As the news comes out, we will pass it on to you.


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