Netflix has introduced a new feature called “Downloads For You” to provide similar content to users with restricted internet access.

Netflix has launched a new feature called “Downloads For You” that automatically downloads featured content to users’ devices. This service was announced on the company’s official website. The new feature can only be activated with the permission of the device owner.

Content up to 5GB can be downloaded
On the Netflix platform, there was a Smart Download feature that allows you to easily watch the TV series, movie or show programs you want even when you do not have access to the internet. The Downloads For You feature, announced now, will automatically download recommended content to your device according to your preferences.

The service will be able to download up to 5GB of content to the device and, if desired, the user will be able to enable or disable the function in the “Downloads” section. It looks like the company relies heavily on the recommendation algorithm, and the new feature is now available for Android devices. It is stated that iOS tests will be carried out in the coming days and will be available for this platform.


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