Netflix seems to intend to increase its revenue by preventing password sharing.
It turned out that Netflix is ​​working on a new method of password sharing, or in other words, account sharing prevention.

The digital broadcasting platform has begun to display a warning to some users who log in with accounts that do not belong to them. The warning states, “If you do not live with the owner of this account, you must have your own account to continue watching.”

According to the news of GammaWire, following this warning, “Is this your account? We will send you a verification code ”and at the bottom of the message, the option to verify your e-mail appears. There is also a “verify later” button for those who can’t access their email account or for those who can’t access the verification code at the moment.

It is estimated that Netflix relies on IP addresses to determine whether the logged in user is part of the account holder’s household. In this sense, it is also predicted that restrictions can be overcome with VPNs. Of course, even if you are using someone’s account in a different region or country, you can always ask that person to read the verification code for you.

We can also say that this testing process initiated by the platform is a step forward. Also, this anti-account sharing measure is expected to increase security. The logic here is that if someone finds your login credentials and tries to track them elsewhere, they can be stopped and warn you of the breach. It is clear that Netflix wants to prevent loss of revenue by preventing password sharing. The fact that these people have to start their own subscriptions instead of taking advantage of the same password will be reflected in revenues and user base.

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Netflix has not yet implemented this test worldwide, but we can guess that it will not be too late.


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