This year’s highly anticipated Netflix series Space Force seems to be disliked by critics and viewers. The critical comedy series, which attracts attention with its high cost and star players, has received quite a lot of bad reviews and low scores in IMDB.

Space Force, Netflix’s critical comedy, could not get what it wanted in the ratings. The production remained as low as 38% on the Rotten Tomatoes review and scoring site. The production, which is considered too expensive for a comedy show, has names like Steve Carell and The Office star Greg Daniels. At the beginning of the comments for the series; The criticism in the series seems to be quite wrong.

Many of the Space Force fans seem to have gathered on IMDB; because this is the site with the highest rating in the series with a rating of 6.9 out of 10. There are 7000 comments about. Statistically better than the 38% received in Rotten Tomatoes or the 47% received in Metacritic. Still, a rating of 6.9 is very low for IMDB.

If we compare Space Force with the IMDB scores of other Netflix productions, the result is still not very pleasant. The production can only find 156th place. If you think that it is not a bad result among so many productions, the cost of the series and the fame of the players do not suggest the same thing. Space Force was expected to be one of Netflix’s prominent productions this year. It was even hoped that The Office would succeed.

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So is the drama really that bad? Critics and viewers say the pilot episode frustrated them and was “not funny at all”. While the viewers who watch the episodes say that the series has recovered a bit, it will not be easy to catch the audience if the pilot part is bad.

The fact that Space Force is not liked for now does not mean that Netflix will cancel the project and not approve for the second season. Thanks to the fame of the actors, the series is in the Top 10 of Netflix; but what matters is how much viewers can watch. Although the series scores low on criticism sites, it will be sufficient for Netflix to be watched by a considerable audience.

Those who have the chance to watch can show themselves in the comments. What do you think about the series?


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