The original was a comic book, which was later adapted to the film, and successful reviews were approved before the third season of Snowpiercer’s series adaptation aired on season two.

The third season of the Snowpiercer series, created by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette, adapted from the French comic book “Le Transperceneige” and previously adapted to the film in 2013, was approved.

About a week before the second season airs, TNT received the third season confirmation of the series. No details about the third season are currently known. A trailer was recently released where we saw the character of Mr. Wilford, played by Sean Bean, who joined the series in the second season.

The second season of the series, which will be broadcast weekly on Netflix, will consist of 10 episodes. You can also find the first season on Netflix right now.

Second season story: First there was order. Then there was a revolution. Now there is Mr. Wilford. When Big Alice gets caught in Snowpiercer’s tail, Mr. Wilford takes action to get the train back. But Mel and Layton won’t stop fighting to keep him at bay.


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