Netizens were recently shocked after seeing a foot portrait of one of the boy group TOO personnel.

Right after the boy group TOO was eliminated from the ‘Road to Kingdom’ program, Kyungho uploaded the latest photo through their Instagram account.

While uploading a photo of his leg that was covered with wounds and bruises, Kyungho wrote, “Even to the end, my cool legs didn’t appear on the screen. Until my feet become the most valuable feet in the world, every day my feet make all the preparations on the stage, every minute and second so sincerely. ”

“I learned a lot from ‘Road to Kingdom’. I’m very happy because I got a lot of praise from seniors. Please wait for TOO who has risen and come back, “he wrote.

Netizens on the Pann site then re-uploaded the photo and wrote, “Really, he must have worked very hard. Not just TOO, but all the contestants ‘Road to Kingdom’. ”

Looking at the photo of the K-Pop idol’s foot, another Korean netizen commented:

“I am an ARMY, but I really enjoy their performances. I was very surprised when I saw them. Even the BTS members say that this is the most difficult choreography, so I am very shocked to see that they can display it well even if they only make preparations in a short time, ”


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