Elon Musk’s new project Neuralink was tested on a monkey for the first time.As you know, Elon Musk detailed the Neuralink project in August last year.

The company, which aims to convert brain signals into electronic signals with the Neuralink project, said that we can control electronic devices.

While many people wonder about the fate of this project, an experiment video was released on Neuralink’s official YouTube channel. In this experiment video, the company, which tested Neuralink on a monkey for the first time, also revealed how this developed system perceives brain signals.

When we examine the experiment video published by the company, we see that the monkey, which was used as a test subject in the first stage, played the game with the help of a controller. When the second stage is passed, the controller is completely disconnected. At this stage, the monkey is made to think that he is still playing the game with the controller.

So Neuralink steps in and perceives the monkey’s brain signals. Perceived brain signals are transformed into commands. In the third and final stage, the controller has been completely eliminated. In this part, the monkey plays the game with brain signals just by looking at the screen.

It was said that the project, which helps transform brain signals into electronic signals, will make life easier for people with paralysis. In fact, Elon Musk, who made a number of statements on this subject, states that this project will help people with paralysis from the waist down to walk again.


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