Although the Corona virus deeply affects the technology world, companies continue to make plans regarding their evolving technologies. Xiaomi, which presented the Mi 10 series as the highest level flagship last month, comes with a quite different plan in terms of 5G. The Xiaomi 5G plan is also very excited for the next generation mobile telecommunications service to become widespread.

Xiaomi will remove 4G devices under the 5G plan!
Xiaomi launched its top flagship Mi 10 series last February. Offering dual-mode 5G connection support on all Mi 10 models it introduces, the company will bring the end to 4G. According to the company’s short-term leak plans and Xiaomi Vice President Lu Weibing’s statements, the end has come to an end for 4G models.

Xiaomi is preparing to offer 5G support for all devices, including the middle segment, by removing all 4G-supported models from the shelf. Weibing has announced that it will soon launch all its affordable models such as XioamiVP and RedmiGM on a global scale. With this situation, 5G plans became clear.

According to reports leaked in a few days, the company plans to make not only its flagship segment, but all its segments 5G supported. In this process, the company will remove all middle class 4G phones from the market. Xiaomi is thought to plan to increase competition by removing 4G phones from the market.

Technology analysts also reported that this process is very important for the spread of 5G. Along with the competitive environment, other companies are also expected to remove 4G devices from the shelves. Although this will cause short-term price increases, analysts also stressed that these price increases will quickly return to the supply-demand balance.


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