A new type of radar developed by Princeton University, in the United States, allows cars to detect dangers hidden in curves, helping to prevent accidents and being run over. The novelty, which can be installed on any current vehicle, works in conjunction with an artificial intelligence system.

To create the sensor, Princeton engineers adapted a Doppler radar, used to detect cars at high speed, to “see” objects in curves. The radio waves emitted by it reach where the human eye, camera sensors and LIDAR technology do not reach, hitting objects in a corner.

Detectors installed in the vehicle receive the turn signal and use an algorithm to interpret whether objects are moving or stationary. If installed in an autonomous car, for example, it can alert you to the approach of a dangerous intersection. The video below shows the technology in operation:

In its first version, the automated system can only detect pedestrians and cyclists. However, those responsible for the project said that it can also be adjusted to detect moving cars and other objects hidden in a curve, in addition to measuring their speed and direction.

Mercedes participates in the tests

According to The Next Web, Mercedes-Benz may be the first automaker to use radar to detect objects around corners in its cars. In addition to providing vehicles to test and develop the technology, the German automaker had one of its engineers participating in the project. It also has a long history of using futuristic technologies in its automobiles.

But the researchers’ idea is to make the system available for use in cars from any manufacturer. “Radar sensors are also relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to LIDAR sensors, and scalable for mass production,” commented Princeton Computer Science professor Felix Heide, one of the creators of the technology.


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