New Alternative to Fiber Optic Cables: Tube Filled With Air (It Was Never Cool Like This).

A new study published last week suggests using air-filled hollow tubes to replace fiber optic cables that we are currently using. By removing the tendency of fiber optic cables to distribute the signal, the new technology can pave the way for higher bandwidth.
Fiber optic cables , which have been in use for about 50 years , have provided incredible levels of data transmission capacity over long distances. However, glass fibers used in fiber optic cables tend to distribute light-based signals, and despite the passing 50 years, no solution has been found yet.

The study, which is the subject of a new article published in the journal Nature Communications last week, found that replacing the glass fibers used in fiber optic cables with empty tubes containing only air eliminates this tendency to dissipate and these hollow tubes protect the signal.

Air-filled tubes can replace glass fibers in fiber optic cables

Said optoelectronic researchers from the University of Southampton, one of the authors of the study Francesco Poletti, from the 1970s since many alternative types of glass and although the so-called signal technology required solution can not be reached, while the air-filled fiber tube inside they use in their work today in a variety of wavelengths used in optical technology available He stated that it offers the potential to perform better than fiber optic cables .

David Payne, also director of optoelectronics at the University of Southampton, said that the solution they found could help keep our current online work and socialization habits on a higher-bandwidth, faster and safer internet, as well as help advance 3D video conferencing and virtual reality technologies.


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